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Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb
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The Emperor's Tomb

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  Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb


1A. Gates of the Lost City

Objectives: Find the entrance to the Lost City

CUT SCENE: Indy gazes at a map, while standing outside the Lost City. He thinks aloud, telling us that the idol he seeks is inside. (Why do his Adventures always seem to start with him seeking idols?)

(The instructional text at the lower part of your screen will explain how to do certain activities, I will tell you what to do and when to do it.)

Walk towards the birds pruning themselves on the railing. Walk up the stairs and climb up onto the ledge ahead of you. Hop up onto the next ledge and then jump and pull yourself up onto the next.

Continue around the bend and hop down. You should see a waterfall, walk in its direction. Jump down the first ledge, and then the second. You're now standing on a cliff over looking a pool. Time to go cliff diving. Run and jump off the cliff towards the waterfall and into the pool. There's a secret area behind the waterfall, go there.

Walk towards the far end of the secret area and exit the pool. Walk to the table, pick up the artifact. "[You're] going to be a rich man, if...[you follow my instructions and]...get out of this alive."

Exit the secret area and then exit the pool and go up the stairs on your right. Run down the ajoining stairs and jump across the hole. Walk forward and exit back outside through the door ahead.

Walk down the path and around the bend. Walk into the courtyard. Go to the fountain on your left and fill your canteen. Now put away your canteen and walk back down the stairs. At the base of the stairs face left and climb up onto the lower part of the wall. Walk to the small block at your left and climb onto it, and now up onto the next ledge.

Turn right and hop up all those ledges. (Indy sure is getting his exercise!) Once at the top, run and jump across to the platform below you. (Don't miss, it'll hurt bad! However, if you do miss use your canteen to restore health and then fill up the canteen again.)

Go through the door ahead of you and pick up the machete lying next to the skeleton (I don't think he'll have a use for it anymore), sheath it.

Face the door you came in, walk out the one to your left. Hang off the ledge ahead of you and then drop down to the stone pillar below. Walk down the pillar and then jump off. Turn to your right, walk to the vine entangled doorway. Use the machete to chop through the vines.

Walk through the doorway, turn left. Use your whip to swing across the chasm beneath the croc head. Turn right and chop your way through the next door. Congrats! You've finished the first section of the first chapter!

1B. The Hunter's Camp

Objectives: Discover a way through the flooded ruins.

CUT SCENE: Indy jumps down and slides into the next section of the Chapter.

(This section of the chapter is what Lucas used in the demo for the game.)

Chop your way through the doorway ahead. Run to the balcony overlooking the courtyard.

CUT SCENE: "Ivory hunters. These guys are no Boy Scouts...."

Turn right and arm yourself (I recommend the machete, although fists are fun). Go through the door and beat the $&#% out of the bad guy. Cut the rope holding the boxes and hang-drop down to the level below (after the boxes fall of course).

Fight and defeat the next bad guy (Maybe you'd like to use the whip this time for practice?). Break apart the small box in the room you dropped into. Check to see if it contained anything of value by pressing Y while standing over it's broken pieces.

Proceed down the hall and into the next room. Break open all of the boxes (I found some revolver ammo in the middle one). Walk out the next doorway. Ahead of you are the ivory hunters, time to experiment with different "weapons".

A few paces ahead and on your left is a small room, in the room is a table. On the table is a shovel, pick it up. Charge the guys siting by the fire. Assault them with the shovel. If you lose it or would like to use another weapon, there is a chair and a few bottles available for use by the fire (Of course you always have those trusty inventory weapons as well). One way or another defeat the bad guys.

Break open all the boxes in sight and return to the area outside the small room where the shovel was. Make sure to break those boxes as well. Now proceed up the stairs and hop up onto the ledge to your left.

A door covered in vines should be ahead of you and slightly to the right, chop through it and enter the room. Fill up at the fountain. There's a window to the left of the fountain, chop the vines and hop out the window.

Get up on the ledge to your right and then use the whip to swing across to the other side. Walk around to the left and hop down to the ledge beneath the torch. Walk forward to the wall and follow the instructions to hug it and walk around the small outcropping.

Once you detach from the wall, walk forward and "whip- swing" using the croc head. Kick the boxes to your left and watch as the large box falls and breaks revealing the mask you were seeking.

Hang-drop off the ledge and retrieve the mask. Now find your way back up to where you kicked the boxes the same way you got up there the first time.

Proceed up the stairs. Quickly and flawlessly run into the room and whip-swing across the floor as it falls out from beneath you. Turn left and swing across the chasm, kicking over the pillars in the process.

Walk forward and find your way down to the stairs below. Use hang-drop where needed to minimize damage. Proceed to the base of the stairs and hop down to the stone floor by the pool. Time for a swim!

See that small ledge across the way on the other end of the pool? That's where you need to get out. Ready? Jump into the pool and swim to the other end where you can get out and dry off.

Climb up onto the next level and turn right. A fountain! Go fill 'er up! Turn around and walk to the edge over looking the pool. There's a door across the way, that door is the end of this part of the Ceylon level. Anyway, you'll see another ledge to your left. Jump across the pool onto it.

There should be a torch to your left. Face it. You need to climb up onto the ledge you are now facing. And now climb onto the next ledge. (SO MANY LEDGES IN THIS GAME! I'm sick of that word already! I think this game should be called Indiana Jones and the Obstacle Course of Ledges.) Face right and climb up on to the next...ugh...ledge.

CUT SCENE: Indy standing on a...grr...ledge. You see a bad guy walk outside with a shotgun in hand.

That bad guy you just saw has a shotgun, soon it will be yours. You can chose to take him out from here with your revolver or you can proceed and worry about him after this next feat.

Turn right and face the rope. Run and jump out to it. Swing on it to the other side. Cut through the doorway. Enter the room. If you didn't take out the guy with the shotgun before, now would be a good time. Once you have defeated him, pick up the shotgun.

Go further into those rooms. Find the room with the boxes, you know what to do. Exit that small room and turn right and out the door next to the box room. You should see a croc head across the way, below and to its left is a stone ledge. Jump out across to that ledge. You survive without breaking Indy's legs? Good.

Turn right and whip-swing to the doorway below and go through it. Walk forward. Oops. Somebody call State-Farm Insurance.

The pool is U-shaped. Swim around to the other end of the U and hop out. More ledges. You'll have to climb up one, jump to another, then jump to another, and finally boost yourself onto the top floor.

There's a brown lever on the wall behind you and to your right. Go to it by walking right and crossing that cracked path. Activate the lever. Uh oh, bad guys.

Defeat the bad guys and go through the door they came in. Don't forget to grab their shotgun ammo and revolver ammo.

Enter the door to your right. Part 1B complete!

1C. The Paths of the Ancients

Objectives: Find a Demolition Charge to destroy the Gate. Break through the Crocodile Gate.

CUT SCENE: Indy enters a room with a croc head, a chasm, and a bad guy.

Walk forward and whip-swing across the chasm. Fight the guy to right (I recommend sneaking up on him and putting him in a head lock, and then go to town on him). Exit through the doorway in which he was standing.

Go up the stairs to your left. At the top turn right and then left into the first room. Break open those boxes and grab that shovel. Exit the room and take on any dudes you see in the courtyard (should be two).

A fountain is located opposite the camp fire room, go to it and fill up your canteen. Pick up your shovel again and go back down the stairs which lead to the fountain, at the bottom turn right. Go down to the next level.

Walk forward and turn right through the arch. Run all the way to the far wall. Enter the room to your right. Climb the ladder to your right. Defeat that bad guy as well. (Still have the shovel? It makes enemies easy to beat.) Grab his shotgun and then pull the lever between the two windows.

CUT SCENE: A mysterious door opens.

Face the window on the right and put your back to the wall. Run and jump out the window. You should either land on the platform where the door just opened or on the stairs.

I landed on the stairs so we'll get to the door from there. (If you don't feel like jumping out the window, you can always go back down the ladder and find your way back to the stairs leading back up to the upper level.)

From at the top of the stairs (with the fountain located off to your left and the camp fire off to your right) walk forward to the door straight ahead. Go up the stairs to your right. Turn right and go all the way to the platform at the end. The new door is on your left. Enter it.

Go through the next door and then up the stairs to your right. And now go into yet another room on your right. Break open the boxes. Now go all the way back out to the platform. After you exit the door back onto the platform, turn left and jump over to the level across the way.

Walk forward and drop down to the level on your right. Proceed to whip-swing using the croc head. Face right and walk forward climbing onto the ledge ahead. Now just as it said, jump and grap on to the the thin ledge ahead of you. Shimmy left to the end of the ledge and drop off of it.

Make your way into the courtyard to your right and take on the bad guy. Break open all the boxes and collect any goodies. Go up the stairs you saw to the cracked Croc Gate. Some bad guys should find you and pick a fight. Do your thing, Jones.

Those Ivory Hunters came from all those doors you saw closed before. Since the fighting makes your location pretty random, I'm going to have to direct you to each room using a landmark.

First, I want you to go to the room with the bars in it. At the base of those bars you should find some explosives, pick them up. Go use those explosives to blow up the Gate.

Run like the wind after you place those explosives! Run all the way back to outside the room where you got them. Enter the room across from the bar room (no pun intended). Break open those boxes and exit. Okay...NOW you can go through the Croc Gate.

1D. The Palace of Forgotten Kings

Objectives: Make your way to Edge of the River Canyon.

CUT SCENE: Indy enters through the Croc Gate, just as it collapses behind him.

Activate the lever to the right of the door ahead and fight the guys in the next courtyard. (One wonders how they manange to get in to areas that were previously sealed. Air-lift maybe?)

Once you defeat some dudes you'll see a cut scene where a guy exits a door. After you defeat everyone you're going to want to get to that door. Defeat every Hunter in the courtyard (and above it). By the way, there are three boxes hidden in the left rear of the courtyard.

Return to the door that you entered the courtyard through. When facing the courtyard from that door, you should find a fountain off to your left. Go there. I'll use it as a reference point.

Exit it the room with the fountain and walk straight ahead across the courtyard. Climb up those ledges and then onto the slanted one on your right. Now climb up onto the level straight ahead.

Walk around to the other end of that level and face the two sections on top of the pillars. Leap from one onto the next and then jump to the ramp like section on your right.

Walk up the ramp and then drop onto the ledge to the left. Whip-swing and then proceed through the door. Take out the guy in the room to your left.

Follow that room around and then drop down to the level below the large hole in the wall. Drop down to the ground floor and go up the stairs to your right.

At the top of the stairs, pull the lever on your left. Ignore that new door for now. See that vine covered door in front of you? Cut through it and walk into the wall straight ahead in order to climb it.

Once at the top, look to your left and climb down into the hole. Run around this room alittle, you may fall into it soon and you'll want to know how to get out. Okay, now climb out of the room through the hole you came in.

From standing atop the wall, look at the opposite wall, there's a ledge sticking out and a room down to your right. Jump out and grab hold of the ledge. Shimmy to your right and drop down.

Enter the door to your right and pick up the Relic. Exit the room and jump to the ledge above the door below you. Drop back down to the ground and then climb back up the wall.

Walk through the archway to your right and watch the floor for any abnormalities or you'll be in that room I showed you earlier.

Follow the path around until you come across the darts. Do as it says and roll under them. Continue following the path. More darts PLUS a loose floor on the other side. Solution? Roll and jump, all in one smooth motion. Good luck.

You made it! Now go through the door on your right. Now right again and then two croc heads in a row. If you don't make it, there's ledge to climb out of so you can try again. If you made it, chop through the door in front of you.

1E. River of Fangs

Objectives: Locate the entrance to the Cave of the River

CUT SCENE: Indy drops (or, rather, falls) down a shaft.

Walk forward through the door and down the hall. ADVENTURE MODE! (Isn't all of Indiana Jones adventure mode?) You're on your own for this one. All I can advise is to move quickly and make sure that you've got plenty of water in that canteen!

Did you make it? I hope you faired better than I did. Maybe I should have tried to avoid those things. Anyway...back to your game.

Go up the stairs and proceed into the room. Defeat all the Hunters and then activate the switch at the wall opposite the door you came in through.

CUT SCENE: A door opens.

There's a fountain to the right of the door you just opened. If you're ready, go through the new door and then proceed to the tent on the right. Boxes! Now go to the tents that were on your left. More boxes, one of which contains a LARGER CANTEEN!

Did you see those large tusk-like posts when you were running from tent to tent? Go to them and cross the bridge.

(I said CROSS THE BRIDGE, not break it and fall into the river! If you're going to read my walkthrough, you might as well follow my instructions! Just kiding, that was supposed to happen.)

CUT SCENE: Indy falls into the river and sees a friendly croc swimming around.

There are two ways to defeat this part of the chapter. One, is a way People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) would like you to do. And the other, the way Indy Jones and Indy Hart (that's me) WOULD do. Take your pick....

PETA'S WAY: Swim quickly to your right and get out onto the ledge. Pick up a skull and use it to distract the crocs (The way you distract the croc is by throwing the skull into the river away from where you're going to swim.) while you swim from one shore to the next until you reach the farthest waterfall. See no animals were harmed using this method. Now here's the Indy way.

INDY'S WAY: Ready your machete. (Hey, that rhymns!) Now charge that croc and chop him to bits. DON'T HESITATE OR YOU'RE A GONNER! Once you defeat a croc, hop out onto a ledge and refresh yourself with a nice cold drink of water. Refreshed? Okay now find your next victim and attack! There are three crocs. They get more dangerous each time so start swinging before they get to you! Well, if you're still alive, you've taken care of the pest problem in the river. And you did it in a fashion that Indiana Jones would be proud of. Good job! Now swim to the farthest waterfall.

Hop out of the river onto the shore behind the waterfall. Break open the box and grab the dynamite. You PETA people have to deal with those crocs and skulls again, meanwhile us true Indys are going to enjoy a liesurely swim. Either way, return to the shore near the first waterfall.

From that shore, jump isle to isle until you reach the huge archway. Go through the door and defeat the dudes inside. Now break open all the boxes and pull the levers on both sides of the room. Get in! The water's fine.

1F. Temple of the River Goddess

Objectives: Unlock the Temple of Kouru Watu.

CUT SCENE: Indy jumps into the pool and swims forward.

Swim forward to where there is a pocket of air. Take a deep breath and then duck back in the water. This next part gets tricky for you PETA people.

PETA WAY: Swim forward, watching for the crocs. Once the croc swims away, you need to swim quickly to the shore in front and to your right. (At about your 10 o'clock as you exit the cavern. Use the skulls to distract the crocs and swim for the shore at the base of the stairs. Get out quickly!

INDY'S WAY: Swim forward to the pocket of air. Take a breath and the dive back into the water. Swim out the mouth of the cave. Kill the crocs in the pool with you. Try and take them on one at a time. One croc patrols the area near the mouth of the cave, the other patrols the area between the skull shore and the stairway. Don't forget to get out and refresh health if you have to. Once you have killed the crocs, make your way to the shore at the base of the stairs and get out.

CUT SCENE: Camera pans out to give us a better view of Kouru Watu (and two bad guys at the top of the stairs).

Break open the box to your right and then proceed up the stairs. Pull the lever located at the railing over-looking the pool.

CUT SCENE: A cage lowers a level above Indy.

Go up the stairs and defeat the bad guys, unless they already spotted you. Either way defeat them and get to the top of the stairs.

Once on the same level as the mouth of Mouru Watu, jog over to the side where the bad guys were during the cut scene. Break open the boxes and then go to the cage you lowered earlier.

Jump from one ledge to the cage, and then from the cage to the next ledge. Go through the doorway to your left and fill up your canteen at the fountain.

Proceed up the stairs to your right. Then at the top of the stairs, enter the ADVENTURE MODE hallway to your right. Once again, you're on your own. By the way, watch for the puff of air right before the spikes rise.

Once out of the hallway, run to the lever and pull it.

CUT SCENE: The lever opens a door to Indy's right and the mouth of Kouru Watu. Bats fly out as the Indiana Jones Theme plays briefly.

Go through the door to your right and jump out to the hanging vine. Swing from the vine on to the level to your right.

(PETA People, if you miss you need to swim quickly to the skull shore and use your method to get to the stairway shore. INDY People, if you miss, take a relaxing swim to the stairway shore. Both ways need to get to the mouth of Kouru Watu.)

f you made it on to the stone, proceed back to Kouru Watu using the ledge - cage - ledge method.

Enter the mouth of Kouru Watu.

1G. Into the Sacred Caverns

Ojectives: Find a way into the Temple's Inner Sanctum.

CUT SCENE: Camera goes down a stairway behind a waterfall, finally revealing Indy as he enters the cavern.

Proceed up the stairways to your left and then into the oom at the top. Go through the door on the left wall of the room. Walk into the room at the end of the hall.

See the skeleton? The reason that guy died is because he was crushed up a booby trapped block of stone. If you stand on the floor panel where the skeleton lays, you'll activate the trap. That's exactly what you're going to do.

Activate the trap and then quickly get out of the way. When the block drops down, climb on top of it and ride it up the shaft. Jump off the block and then drop down through the hole in the ceiling. Proceed to the door in that room.

CUT SCENE: A trap door is activated and Indy is sent sliding down a steep embankment.

Slide down the ramp, jumping over the gaps in the floor as you go. If you miss a jump, you'll be forced to either fight or outrun some crocs.

Jump off the end of the ramp, grabbing onto the beam. If you miss the beam, swim for the shore to your right with the ladder. If you didn't miss the beam, you're still going for a swim. Jump in and swim for the shore with the ladder.

Eliminate the bad guy and then break the boxes to your left (as you dismounted the ladder). Now climb the next ladder and walk across the beams to the next ladder. Climb it and defeat the bad guys on that level.

Walk into the grassy area and climb on to the ledge ahead of you. Climb the vines to the top and then jump out to the vine.

Climb the vine and then use it to swing yourself onto the higher ledge with the archway. Go through the archway and into the next room. Fill up at the fountain to your left and then turn around and proceed the door opposite the fountain.

Activate the lever on your left and watch as the cage lowers. Activate the lever again and hop on to the cage as it rises. Fight all the bad guys at the top and activate the lever in the room.

CUT SCENE: The lever activates a mechanism which reveals a staircase behind a false wall.

Go up the stairs.

1H. The Silent Guardians

Objectives: Survive the Trial of the Silent Guardians. Make your way to the Sacred Lake.

CUT SCENE: Indy enters a room as a door shuts behind him.

Walk forward and through the door to your right. Follow the instructions to proceed quietly around the Guardian. Walk around on the grass and then jump over to the other grassy area. Proceed into the next room and go through the next door.

CUT SCENE: Camera pans ahead to show a ledge.

Walk slowly around the dark grass to the ledge. Shimmy to your left and drop down on to the grass. Now walk to the skulls. This next part gets tricky.

Use the skulls to distract the next Guardian. When it fires (and before it closes) dash over to the center of the room. Pick up and throw a skull from the center to distract it again, now run as fast as you can out of that room!

Go through the door to your left and up the stairs. Defeat the bad guy and continue upwards. Once you get to the room with the fountain, defeat that bad guy and fill up your canteen. Go through the far door into the "red room".

Use the skulls to run from grassy area to grassy area until you reach the other side of the room. Once at the other side go up the stairs. Good luck!

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse. It did. Pick up a skull and use it to distract the guardians. Then jump across the chasm and run for the next pile of skulls. Once again use the skulls to distract the guardians and run for the next room.

1I. The Idol of Kouru Watu

Objectives: Escape with the Idol of Kouru Watu and your life!

CUT SCENE: Indy finds the Sacred Lake and the Idol of Kouru Watu.

ake for the bridge, but DON'T CROSS IT!

CUT SCENE: A huge croc destroys the bridge.

Go to the pile of skulls to your left. Pick one up and carry it down to the edge of the Lake. Use it to distract the croc and then swim as fast as you can into the room on your left. Get out QUICKLY onto the shore on your left as you enter the room.

(You don't need to use the skull if the croc swims around to the back of the shrine.)

Once out of the lake, hop up onto the next level. Go up the stairs to your left and pull the lever.

CUT SCENE: Cages and chains lower and a false wall moves aside behind Indy.

Now proceed back down the stairs and jump across the broken bridge. On the other side of the bridge, turn left and pick up a skull. Throw it into the lake, baiting the croc to enter the room.

Once the croc is in the room, run over to the lever by the door and pull it.

CUT SCENE: The gate falls, capturing the croc inside this room.

Proceed back up to where that false wall opened and jump out on to the first cage. Jump from it to the next cage. And then from that cage on to the chain. Then swing from that chain on to the next chain and then into the small room. Pull the lever in the room.

CUT SCENE: More cages and chains. Yet another room is revealed.

Make your way up to the next room by jumping and swinging. And then pull that lever too.

CUT SCENE: More cages and chains, plus another room!

Jump back out to the cage you swung in on and climb up it. Now swing onto the cage and make your way to the new room. "Pull the lever, Egor"

CUT SCENE: The shrine is reopened and the Idol is yet again revealed.

Jump into the lake. If your health is low, you'll find a fountain to your left. Otherwise proceed directly to the shrine and grab the Idol.

CUT SCENE: The floor falls out from beneath Indy's feet. He plummets into the water below.

Swim up and catch your breath. Now dive back under and swim into the small vents. Cut through the vines and surface outside the shrine. Swim for the shore of the Sacred Lake and get out before the croc gets you!

CUT SCENE: Indy is "helped" out by a "friend". He then proceeds to help that friend to his demise.

OU HAVE BEATEN CHAPTER 1! Congratulations

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